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With over 13,000 photos and 80 videos to view and download (And counting!), I release weekly photo sets and videos as an adult solo model. Most of my videos are self shot, and I'm super proud to say that I am 100% completely genuine, never faking an orgasm. Every now and then I mix it up with some behind the scenes style videos, but mostly they're all self shot, which I definitely enjoy :)
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A New Year


I know it's been nearly a year since I've added a new journal entry, and for any of you who are missing me, I'm sorry. 2014 was a rough year, and much of what happened was a bit too personal to write about.

Throughout last year, I dealt with a lot of disappointments, frustration, and both physical and emotional pain and stress. It started out great- someone offered to redesign my website at no cost, simply helping out a girl that they felt deserved it. Unfortunately, after much work was put into it, he had to quit due to finding a steady job. There are no hard feelings, and I'm still grateful for the work he did, but I do wish it could have been finished.

In Spring, and throughout the rest of the year, I went through a very stressful breakup, the details of which I will not get into. Though I will say that it was the most difficult one I've ever been through.

At the same time, starting in Spring and lasting throughout all of Summer, I somehow got trench mouth, a rare form of periodontal disease. It seemingly happened overnight. I was off shooting the last of the Sleeping Beauty series, and a small point in my upper gums started hurting. When I got home a few days later, the bleeding began and the constant pain spread out throughout all of my gums. Where with most gum diseases, you will only bleed perhaps during flossing or eating tough food, I bled completely randomly. I could just be sitting there, playing a video game, and blood would just gush out endlessly.

The dentists were hardly helpful. I was going to a dental school in NY, where an appointment will last 2 to 3 hours and they will accomplish absolutely nothing. Instead of treating my gum problems, which was giving me constant, inescapable pain, they wanted to fill cavities, using dental dams, which caused even more pain.

Finally in August, one night the bleeding just wouldn't stop. Hours went by, while I sat on the bed holding wads of paper towels in my mouth. One would get soaked and it'd be added to the mountain of towels next to me. It looked like a murder scene. The blood clotted over and over again, which you would think is a good sign, but no- it just kept bleeding underneath, feeding the clot, to the point that I couldn't even close my mouth for fear of breaking it. You couldn't even see my teeth. Finally, after 4 hours of this with no improvement, I walked to the emergency room. If you would have seen me walking by, holding a paper towel in my mouth, occasionally checking it to see if the bleeding was letting up, only for a massive clot to fall out into my hands and the blood to run over my chin, you would've thought I was a zombie.

At the ER, some dentists checked me out and were baffled as to why the dentists at the school had done nothing about it, not even given me antibiotics. They sent me home a few hours later with a note for my dentist, recommending a special rinse and showing them the results of blood tests.

The next morning, the dentist brought in a gum specialist, who took one look at me and instantly prescribed me the strongest dose of amoxycillin they could prescribe. The results were astounding, as the morning after, I woke up a whole new person. There was no bleeding, no pain, no blood stains on my pillow. It was night and day.

In September I switched dentists after finally getting insurance through Obama Care. You wouldn't think it possible, but they were even worse than the dentists at NYU. After taking X-Rays, they said they were only two cavities, whereas at the school I was told I had somewhere around 11, 2 of which were filled. And even though I explained my previous gum issues, they said there was nothing wrong with my gums whatsoever. All I needed was a root canal and a crown, neither of which were covered by my insurance.

Come October, I moved to Canada to be with who you all know as HappyHappyJoyJoy. At the dentist here, all of my suspicions were confirmed- I didn't just have periodontitis, which is what the school told me, I had trench mouth. And I have a whole number of cavities that need filling, two teeth that need extracting, and surprise surprise, I do not need either a root canal or a crown.

Canada has been lovely. Happy and his family have been very welcoming, kind and generous. And contrary to what many people think, it's not that much colder than the states, if at all. Then again, maybe it's just been a mild Winter.

Moving here, sadly, has not been easy when it comes to legal matters. Border security was a nightmare. We took a bus, and after asking the standard questions of how much money I have for the trip, what's my job, where do I live, etc. I was pulled aside for a good 45 minutes to be interrogated, as they thought I was trying to move here illegally.

In a month or two, I will have to apply for an extension on my visitors status. According to the books, you can't apply to become a permanent resident via sponsor by family or relationship until you've lived in the country for at least one year. After that year is up, you have to wait another... I can't remember exactly, but I believe it's two years until you're officially a permanent resident (so long as you're approved). If I'm not even approved for the extended stay, I have no clue what I'm going to do.

On the plus side, I won Most Underrated in the Miss FreeOnes contest, thanks to all of my fans. Thank you again for all of your support! That title landed me with a prize of $3,000, a new website from PornStar Platinum, and a modeling contract. Sadly, most of the money will be going to the dentist, but it needs to be done. I have been in contact with PornStar Platinum and the new site is in the works, though I have no promises of when it will be ready. Just know that some nice new things are in store for you Smile

And for some negatives again. In the end of December, I started having terrible pain in my right ear and noticed a swollen tonsil. After about a week of the pain, I finally got to see a doctor, who prescribed antibiotics, which seem to have gotten rid of it, though I think some of the pain is still lingering. In the midst of all that, I fell down the stairs and hurt my tail bone. It's been about two weeks since the fall and it's still hurting a bit.

After all the pain and stress of 2014, I'm crossing my fingers for a better 2015. A new website, a new country, a new boyfriend, and hopefully a new, squeaky clean health bill. Wish me luck!

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